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application directionsSpecial procedures must be followed to arm the container, apply the product and restore the safety clip to disarm the container. Before taking this product into bear country, read the directions below and familiarize yourself with these procedures. If you test-fire this container, make sure the wind is at your back and depress actuator tab for no more than half a second. Do not test-fire in area inhabited by bears. If test-fired, clean nozzle and can with soap and water to remove residue from can. If you have not used this product before, you should obtain a Counter Assault training can and practice with it until you can perform these activities quickly and accurately.


Designed for one-hand operation. Place forefinger through the hole in the handle with your thumb on the safety clip curl. With thumb, pull safety clip straight back and off (fig 1).

Depress actuator tab for burst of spray (fig 2). Aim slightly downward in front of the bear at the eyes and face. Depress actuator tab for 1-2 seconds in order to create a barrier of spray between you and the bear. Stop to evaluate the impact of wind and other factors and adjust your aim if needed before spraying again.


Replace safety clip by pushing firmly with thumb until audible snap is heard (fig 3). Check to see if safety is completely in place. No gap should be visible between actuator handle and safety clip.

The effects of Counter Assault typically last for approximately 30-45 minutes, and discomfort can be somewhat relieved by washing with lots of cool water. A non-oil based soap (Johnson’s Baby Wash, no tears formula) can be used and will help remove the pepper oil from the skin. Once completed, pat dry with a cloth towel. DO NOT RUB. When used properly pepper sprays have no lasting side effects.

If symptoms persist over an hour, seek medical attention.


This product is no substitute for common sense.

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