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Active Ingredient - 2% Capsaicin and other related Capsaicinoids

Product sold in the US and Canada is the same. The two countries just have different labeling requirements.
In the US, capsaicin and other related capsaicinoids (2%) are required on the label.
In Canada, only Capsaicin (1%) is allowed on the label.

The main ingredient in COUNTER ASSAULT BEAR DETERRENT is an extract of RED PEPPER oil which affects the upper respiratory system, triggering involuntary eye closure and intense burning. 

Delivery Method - Atomized fogger blast

A sophisticated delivery method is utilized to create an atomized blast which produces a pepper cloud slow to dissipate. More effective than foam, stream or cone sprays. Distributes a large amount of high pressure spray into the target area, requiring less accuracy than other methods.

Shelf life - 4 years

We recommend you replace your product after 4 years. Nothing in the canister goes bad, but like all pressurized aerosols, it can lose pressure over time and you may not get the maximum performance from the canister. Each canister is marked with an expiration date on the label. (see picture below) Industry standard shelf life is one to two years.

Spray range & width

The diagram below helps illustrate how Counter Assault can be used at a standoff range of 18 to 35 feet with an 8.1 ounce canister.


Do not spray objects, tents or humans; such use has no deterrent effects on bears. Our cans are designed to maintain minimum loss of pressure, resulting in negligible difference between the first and last shots.


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